The Dogs






"our best friends"


Our first dog, a Samoyed (Kyla), was an engagement present so we have shared our lives with dogs

for longer than we have been involved with miniature horses.



Baku (or Bugs to his pack members)

Pedigree Name -  Kodo Storm Chaser

DOB Sep 2, 2006

Joined Us Nov 11, 2006


Baku is a Japanese Akita or Akita Inu and we are extremely happy to be members of "his" pack. 


We are extremely grateful to Margaret Hippolite of Kodo Akitas ( for trusting us with one of her special friends who has become one of ours.


When searching for a Japanese name that would suit the nature of the Akita as a breed we stumbled across the name Baku.  The Baku, originally from China, is a beast of Japanese folklore credited with the ability to ward off evil.  It has become best known for its ability to devour human nightmares and the bad luck that accompanies them.  The creature's image is considered an auspicious ornament in the bedroom and was once painted in gold lacquer on the pillows of nobility.


Akita's are an alert but discerning breed.  They do not react without reason so with one in the house you know you will always sleep easy - hence Baku as a name is appropriate.







Pedigree Name -  Kursharn Goldenn Design

DOB May 27, 2008

Joined Us Jun 19, 2011


Well once again we were blessed with luck albeit because of someone else's misfortune.  Carolyn has been watching TradeMe since we lost Annie looking for a new friend.  Finally a Samoyed popped up that needed a new home as her previous owners circumstances had changed.


A quick trip to Cambridge and back we came with a new Samoyed to join our household.  While prior to coming to live with us Shelby had been an outdoor dog you wouldn't think so if you could see how quickly she has taken to sleeping on the bed and dog couch (much to Baku's disgust as he considers the couch his).


It is nice to have a smiley happy Sam back in the household and we will forever be thankful to Josie for trusting us with her little girl.  She will be cherished as all our Sams have been.  She is a real treasure.



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