The Cats



"our silver tigers"


Our first cat, a moggy named Mimi, was with us for twenty years



Aston and Martin

Pedigree Name -  Who Needs a Fancy Name - We are Cats and that's all that's important!

DOB Feb 12, 2008

Joined Us May 4, 2008


A certain "friend" who shall remain nameless found a wild cat and her three young kittens in her woodshed.  Knowing that Carolyn was a soft touch she convinced Carolyn to take the boys home with her after one visit.  The Boys, Aston and Martin, named after Carolyn's favourite car, the DB9, live in the barn and are tasked with keeping the rodent population at bay.


They have also turned into the Dog tormentor by teasing Baku and are our Supervisors with no task around the yard, in any of the sheds

or elsewhere on the property, including feeding and foaling, getting done without at least one of the dynamic duo in attendance.




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