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February 2012


As of the end of August 2011 the horses, sheep, dog, cat (only one made the trip as Aston decided to disappear a couple of months before the move, hopefully he got a better offer elsewhere) and us are settled in to our new home overlooking the Kaipara harbour.  We are located a handy 1/2 hour North of the Auckland Harbour Bridge and it takes both of us around 1/2 hour to commute to work - thankfully we exit the motorway before the traffic jams.


Reflection and Dom were the last to arrive a couple of months after the rest of us as we needed to get some fencing done otherwise they would have been running loose on the 16 acres just like all the other horses.  Might have made things a tad interesting to say the least.  We have a new member of the family, Shelby, who joined us in our rental accommodation in June and now entertains us by keeping Baku who is happy to be out of his motel (kennels) every day instead of just at the weekends.  The months without dogs or horses to come home to were difficult but that is now behind us.


We've got a lot of work ahead of us as we have 16 acres with minimal fencing, no water reticulation and no stables, in fact no sheds at all other than a double garage attached to the house, but what are weekends for.  We are enjoying being Westies as we are told we are (even though we are North West of Auckland).  We will never consider ourselves to be Aucklanders.


Foaling is all done and dusted.  Everything went well until the final one with us loosing the foal and then having to put the am, Scott Creek Cameo, down as she was all torn up internally.  Devastating as Cameo has been with us for quite a long time and had a special place in our hearts.  She provided us with some awesome progeny with our best producing mare, Arcadia Wizards Dixie Chick being a Cameo daughter.  After 17 years in the miniature horse breeding game we were probably overdue to lose a mare during foaling but that is little consolation.  Cameo will always be remembered as she has had such a strong influence on our breeding.


Showing has only been made possible this season by our good friend Diane Jury offering to take, prepare and travel with our show team.  Carolyn's special horse, Mist (pictured at the top of the page), a Cameo grand daughter, has picked up 2 x Regional Supreme titles at the first two Regional shows of the season. Carolyn always said she was Supreme quality.




Arcadia Revenge in the Mist

Multi-Regional Supreme Champion



Diane managed to convince us to take Dom out so she pulled him out of the paddock in Auckland in mid January and carted him south for prepping.  She has done a great job and after two outings he has picked up:



R/Up Regional Supreme Champion


Regional Champion Stallion x 2


Regional Champion Multi-Colour Horse


Regional Reserve Champion Multi-Colour Horse


R/Up Premier Supreme Champion


Premier Champion Stallion


Premier Reserve Champion Stallion



Needless to say we are very happy with Diane and Dom's efforts.


Best of luck for the rest of everyone's show season.  We have at least two more Regional shows scheduled and the New Zealand Miniature Horse Show as well.  If you see us around the show ring stop by and say hi. 




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