Arcadia Revenge in the Moonlight

Full American





Glenns General Patton
29.5" Sorrel
WF Sweet Revenge
 30" Silver Dapple
WF Silver Rose
32.5" Dapple Grey
ERL Reflection of Revenge
(Imp. USA) Silver Dapple Bay
L & D Scout
31.5" Black Pinto
Fallen Ash Scouts Dark Divinity
31.5" Brown
4GS Equalizers Sandee
                  32.5" Bay Roan
Arcadia Revenge in the Moonlight
Bay Pinto
Fallen Ash Scouts Be Grand

29.5" Black Pinto

Tiny Trotters Wizard (Imp. USA)
32" Bay Pinto
Charles Toy Tiara
29.25" Sorrel
Bluegables Wizards Moonbeam
Bay Pinto
Brewers Moon Dust
27.25" Brown
Meridians Desert Moon (Imp. USA)
32.25" Buckskin
Brewers Cha Cha
30.5" Chestnut PInto



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