"gone but never forgotten"


While as breeders of miniature horses and

people who choose to share their lives with animals

we must always be prepared for the sorrow of losing one of the "family"

it is never easy.



Scott Creek Cameo (IMP USA)

DOB Jun 20, 1989

LEFT US Nov 30, 2011


The wily old Matriarch of our broodmare paddock, Cameo left us in late November due to complications that arose as a result of a difficult foaling.  Sadly we had decided that this would be her last foal and she was going to be retired but it wasn't to be.  While you always expect to loose your friends it doesn't appear to get any easier.  With some of her daughters in our broodmare paddock Cameo's influence on our breeding with last for many years yet.


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Rest easy old girl - you certainly deserve it.


Annie (or Monkey to her special friends)

Pedigree Name -  Kalnovitch Wicked Waggity Ann

DOB Jun 18, 2004

Joined Us Oct 23, 2005

LEFT US Nov 17, 2010


The opportunity to bring Annie into our lives was just meant to be. Unfortunately it turned out to be nowhere near as long as it should have been.  After a short illness, caused by a dog toy, the loss of Annie on the operating table didn't just impact on us but also the great vets who toiled over 4 days to try and save her.  It just wasn't meant to be. Her buddy Baku misses her greatly and can't figure out why his best mate is no longer around to play with.


Always there, always ready for attention, including cuddles on the bed, this timid little girl may have had a short life but she was loved and is dearly missed.


Annie - there will always be a room for your spirit on the bed and in our hearts.

There is no need to worry anymore - you are safe now little one.



Quin (or Gizzy to his selected friends)

Pedigree Name - NZ Champion Akitzu Bye Your Leave Jac

DOB Jan 14, 1993

LEFT US Apr 8, 2006


Quin was a Japanese Akita or Akita Inu.  Originally from Japan where they were used to hunt large game including bear and to guard the children and family they were introduced to the Western World by Helen Keller.  Akita's are a Japanese National Treasure and DNA analysis has confirmed them as one of the oldest breeds of dog.


They are very dedicated and take their responsibility to "the pack" very seriously.  At Shibuyu railway station in Tokyo there is a commemorative statue to an Akita named Hachiko who used to see his master off to work at the station every day.  Unfortunately on May 11, 1925 his master died of a heart attack at work and never returned.  Hachiko returned to the station every afternoon to wait for his master for ten years.  Helps you understand why they say that once you have shared your life with an Akita you will never want another breed of dog.


It was Quin who introduced us to the world of showing as Quin was shown by Carolyn until he made Champion.


They say that some animals are special and Quin most certainly was.  Aloof to strangers but totally committed to us - he had the ability to make us feel guilty every time we left him and to look forward to seeing him whenever we were heading towards home.  It was a honour to have him count us as members of his pack.


"What we have enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us" 
Helen Keller


Our best friend has gone and we miss him terribly - rest easy mate.




LEFT US Oct 27, 2005


Mimi was our first moggy.  She had a tough start to life being found in the gutter as a young kitten with a smashed jaw.  Through the grace of a New Plymouth vet who recognised a strong will for life in her she was granted a chance for a better life.  When a home was needed she came to live with us.


She was with us for just over 20 years and moved house with us 7 times during our time together.  She enjoyed the life in small town NZ, then small city NZ, then large city NZ (Auckland), then small town NZ and for her final year the rural lifestyle.  She trained all our dogs in the ways of the cat - "we can play when we want to but when we don't WE DON'T!' and rejoiced in stealing their food at the same time as they were stealing hers.  Why is it that someone else's food is always better?


Rest easy Mimi - we are sure that you have already made your presence known on the other side.



Ebony (or Ebby to her many friends)

Pedigree Name - Liskalite Maori Melody

DOB Nov 10, 1988

LEFT US Sep 16, 2005


Ebby was a Samoyed.  Originally from the Arctic regions where they were used to herd reindeer, hunt polar bear, guard the tent and pull sleds they came to New Zealand in the late 1800's and were used on Antarctic expeditions including Shackleton's.


For those that don't know the breed they would have to be one of the happiest creatures on earth as they never seem to have a down day - the smile on Ebby's face is typical and referred to as the "Samoyed Smile".


Carolyn and Ebby tried dog agility for a while.  While they both enjoyed it Ebby's overriding ambition to meet and greet every other dog, their handlers and the general public meant she was not really focused enough for the sport.


Having almost reached seventeen we had to make the hard decision and let Ebby go.  Ebby was with us since she was five weeks of age and got to see a lot of the highs and lows but always had a smile on her face and always managed to bring one to ours. 


Run free Ebby - you will always hold a very special part in both our hearts.



Acacia Snifter

Acacia Snifter  (Cat B)

NZMHA - DOB Nov 5, 1993 - 34 3/4" (P)

LOST May 13, 2003


Our first Miniature Horse and head mare in the broodmare paddock.  Stylish silver bay mare of Marua breeding with Champion progeny.  Her grand daughter, Arcadia First Lady, will ensure the continuance of her line.


Snifter's personality will be sorely missed.

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