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"chosen for all the right reasons"


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January 2013


Total Herd Dispersal


We have decided that we want to spend more time on other endeavours/hobbies so

Most horses are for sale.


Prices have now been listed on Sales Page


Note: We may retain a select few special horses for our personal enjoyment


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For great foals you need quality on both sides of the breeding equation.

At Arcadia we have a small but select group of mares chosen for reasons

that we believe will make their foals something special. 

Like our Stallions our Mares trace their ancestry back to some of the greats of the

Miniature Horse World including Little Kings Napoleon, Rowdy, Shadow Oaks Top Banana,

Komokos Little Husseler and Griffins Abracadabra


Impeccable Parentage

Bluegables Rowdys Jade Remark

Bluegables Rowdy's Jade Remark

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Dec 11, 1999 - DNA Parent Qualified - 1/2 American


Multi-Champion mare, sired by La Vista Rowdy Remark (Imp. USA), out of outstanding show horse, Bluegables Forever Amber.  Beautiful horsey type, stunning head and neck. Also a NZMHA National Champion in movement and NZMHA Reserve National Champion in colour.  She has been bred to Arcadia Dom's Da Vinci for a 2013-2014 foal.


Pedigree                          For Sale                          Progeny                          Show Highlights & Awards



Arcadia Wizard's Dixie Chick

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Aug 27, 2003 - DNA Parent Qualified - Full American


Dixie was the first NZ foal from Tiny Trotters Wizard and we enjoyed taking her out in the show ring in 2004. The highlight was winning the Mountain Miniatures Foal Futurity with her. She has developed into a lovely mare with nice length of leg.  Due to all the youngsters coming on, we simply didn't have the time to show her.  Dixie provided us with our first foal by our imported stallion ERL Reflection of RevengeArcadia Revenge is Sweet.  We were so pleased with this cross that we repeated if for 2009-2010, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 foals with Arcadia Revenge is Mine being the latest. She has been bred to Arcadia Dom's Da Vinci for a 2013-2014 foal.


Pedigree                                                   Progeny                                                   Show Highlights & Awards



Bluegables Wizard's Moonbeam

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Aug 10, 2004 - DNA Parent Qualified - Full American


Moonbeam has fantastic movement just like her siblings.  She is up headed and eye catching.  This bay and white pinto filly is a maternal sibling to Australian & New Zealand National Champions and Supreme Champions.  Her pedigree reads like a "who’s who" in the world of miniature horses - she is related to many American National and Grand National Champions on both her Sire, Tiny Trotters Wizard, and Dam, Meridians Desert Moon (Imp. USA), sides. In 2011-2012 Moonbeam was sent to an outside stallion and produced Arcadia Max's New Moon. She has been bred to Arcadia Dom's Da Vinci for a 2013-2014 foal.


Pedigree                                            Progeny                                            Show Highlights & Awards



Bluegables Monarch's Diva

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Jan 1, 2006 - DNA Parent Qualified - Full American


Diva's dam is a paternal sibling to one of the most successful stallions in the USA, Alvadars Double Destiny.  Her sire is Scott Creek Monarch Magic whose offspring have won over a 100 National Champions.  Her Dam is Alvadars Double Diva who is a daughter of the famous Little Kings Buckeroo Times Two.  Double Diva was a Multi-Supreme winner in the USA before she was imported into New Zealand.  Diva has the gorgeous head of the Buckeroo horses and fantastic movement.  She has been bred to ERL Reflection of Revenge for a 2013-2014 foal.







Arcadia Miss Daisy Duke

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Sep 27, 2007 - Full American


Born in 2007 this was a cross we were eagerly awaiting.  Daisy is a very nice little filly just like we ordered. She carries her self well, is up-headed and has extravagant movement,  She has been retained as a future broodmare and has been put to Quintessa Dominus Padron for a 2013-2014 foal.


Pedigree                                   Full Siblings



Arcadia Exquisite Revenge

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Nov 1, 2007 - Full American


Izzy has really come into her own as she has matured and we are very happy that we decided to retain her.  She was bred to our newly imported stallion Quintessa Dominus Padron for a 2011-2012 foal, Arcadia Dom's Da Vinci. This cross has been repeated for a 2013-2014 foal.


 Pedigree                                         Progeny                                         Show Highlights & Awards



Clendon Arcadias Little Ms Sofia

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Aug 14, 2006 - Full American


Sofia's dam is a NZ National Champion Yearling Filly (2003) and her maternal grand-dam, Shortviews Princess Daisy (Imp. USA), is the matriarch of one of New Zealand's most successful lines as she is the dam of La Vista Little Miss Remarkable (12 x Supreme Champion), La Vista Count Remarkable & Bluegables Monarch’s Toy Matador (18 x Supreme Champion).  Her Sire is American import Tiny Trotters Wizard.


The opportunity to purchase a filly with Sofia's pedigree was to good to miss and we thank Monique for allowing us to purchase the first horse to carry her stud name.  We are sure she will do us all proud.


Pedigree                                                                                                             For Sale



Ridgewood SE Miss Aphrodite

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Dec 22, 2009


On visits to shows in Australia we have always admired the horses from the Shangrila stud. So it was an easy decision to add some Shangrila bloodlines to our herd via Shangrila SE Supreme Edition. CC had a successful show career with her breeders and has now come to join us as a future broodmare. With the purchase of CC we have added a new dimension to our breeding - appaloosa!





Ridgewood SE Miss Juno

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Nov 26, 2010


When we visited Ridgewood to look at mares, we had a difficult time choosing between two full sisters they had available. So instead of having to choose, we decided to take both of them! Juno, like her sister CC above is a chestnut blanket appaloosa and we look forward to matching her with our stallions at some time in the future.





Llawen Monique

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Jan 17, 2002 - 3/4 American


The opportunity to add another Scott Creek Monarch Magic daughter to the broodmare paddock was too tempting.  Monique produced a filly foal by ERL Reflection of Revenge, Arcadia Revenge in Paris in the 2011-2012 breeding season. With this filly, Monique has proved  to be as expected - an excellent cross for Reflection


Pedigree                                                                                       For Sale                                                                                       Progeny



Arcadia Revenge from this Moment

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Aug 19, 2009 - 3/4 American

Sire: ERL Reflection of Revenge (Imp. USA)   

Dam: Arcadia Overture's Shania


Our first foal from Shania and one we have been waiting for some time.  A beautiful silver bay filly. Miley is a small Category B but will make a great broodmare once her showing career finishes.


Pedigree                      For Sale                      Show Highlights & Awards




Show Ring Success


Arcadia Revenge in the Mist

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Nov 24, 2009 - Full American


A lovely palomino full sister to Arcadia Rumours of Revenge and Arcadia Revenge is Sweet.  Another beautiful foal by Dixie.  Lovely dark palomino colour, great body type (compact), long straight legs.  A quality filly who we have retained and is out there representing our stud in the show ring with two Supreme Champions and three Runner-Up Supreme Champions in the 2011-2012 season so far. Mist is a real favourite both with us and her growing fan-club on the sidelines at shows.


Pedigree                      Full Siblings                      Show Highlights & Awards



Arcadia Overture's Madonna

AMHA/NZMHA - DOB Oct 20, 2004 - 3/4 American


A nicely marked pinto mare, and one who stands out with her unusual perlino colouring and baby blue eyes.  Donna exemplifies the balanced type of horse we strive to produce.  While she didn't go out until the second half of the 2005-2006 show season Donna did herself proud and finished the season as the 2006 NZMHA National Grand Champion Youngstock Filly - Category B.  Donna was been retired to the broodmare paddock at the end of the 2007-2008 show season.  She produced Arcadia Ready for Revenge, who continued his dams success in the show ring by taking out the Supreme Champion at the 2009 New Zealand Miniature Horse Show.  He has since followed this up with Runner-Up Hi-Point Horse of the Year and Hi-Point Horse of the Year titles in 2010 and 2011.  For the 2011/2012 breeding season we crossed Donna with our new stallion in 2011, Quintessa Dominus Padron, with the result being Arcadia Dom's Donatella. She has been bred to ERL Reflection of Revenge for a 2013-2014 foal.


Pedigree                                                   Progeny                                                   Show Highlights & Awards



Arcadia Overture's Shania

NZMHA - DOB Sep 22, 2004 - DNA Parent Qualified - 1/2 American


We had been saving this name for the right horse - and here she is. Just like her namesake, Shania is slim, dark and beautiful. A full sister to Rocky, but very different in colour. Shania achieved a great deal in just two show weekends as a foal.  She repeated this success in her yearling show season picking up a Supreme Champion.  She is the dam of the 2011 National Grand Champion Weanling Filly, Arcadia Revenge For Always (now resident at Summerlea Stud).Shania produced her third foal for us this year by ERL Reflection of RevengeArcadia Red Hot Revenge.


Pedigree                             For Sale                             Progeny                             Show Highlights & Awards   



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