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Welcome to the Arcadia American Miniature Horses Website.

We invite you to explore further and share the joys of owning an American Miniature Horse, truly the horse for everyone.


Arcadia Miniatures is located close to Kaukapakapa, a small town just North of Auckland, New Zealand and

overlooks the stunning Kaipara Harbour, one of the largest harbours in the World.


We have a reasonably small but select group of horses that

allow us to breed and show successfully and above all enjoy the fun that

owning a miniature horse can bring.


Carolyn & David Crow

Arcadia American Miniature Horses

85 Quail Road, R.D. 4, Kaukapakapa, Auckland 0984, New Zealand

P.O. Box 305229, Triton Plaza, Auckland 0757, New Zealand


Phone +64-9-420-3353    Fax +64-9-476-0485