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"small enough for every horse to be special"


We have been involved with miniature horses since 1995, and breeding since 1997, deliberately keeping our numbers small to ensure that quality remains the overriding focus. We have collected a group of special horses with outstanding show records, sought after bloodlines and proven progeny to be the foundation of Arcadia American Miniatures.


Although tucked away in a far-off corner of the globe, New Zealand has been fortunate to have visionary breeders whose importations from the United States have allowed us to tap into the best bloodlines in the world. Here at Arcadia we are privileged to own horses descended from the greats of the American Miniature Horse world. Our current herd is proud to have Orion Light Van't Huttenest, Rowdy, Buckeroo, Bond, Glenns General Patton, L & D Scout and Charles Legacy Royale on their pedigrees, as well as some of the best names to emerge from New Zealand breeding programmes.


Our goal is to breed quality stock of true horse type that have the ability to be successful show horses and the temperament to make delightful companions. Over the years we have gained great pleasure from owning and breeding American Miniature Horses and enjoyed the challenge of showing them. However possibly the greatest reward has been seeing the pleasure that horses bred by us have given to their new owners. We look forward to many more such successful partnerships.


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